Monday, 7 April 2008


We arrived easily to Bangkok; the flight was long, 9 hours, but not too bad. We slept quite a bit, since we got on the plane at midnight - around Littletree's usual bedtime, and got off at 6am, it worked well for us.

Flying Thai air was definitely a good choice - we're so used to flying with the cheap crappy internet airlines, having a flight with comfier seats and individual DVD screens and meals and blankets and all that was really nice.

17 group We got out of the airport really quickly and efficiently, and took a taxi straight to my friend Mamarabbit's condo. It was so great to meet her in real life - so far we've only known each other online, from MDC and a Student Midwife's forum.

Here's Me with Littlettee, Mamarabbit and one of the twins - I never got the hang of which was which!

Mamarabbit is amazing; she has four children under four! A daughter, Princess, who is 4.5, a son, Angel, who is 2.5, and twin daughters, Song of Faith and Tears of Joy, 6 months old! Their little 2br apartment is pretty hectic, as you can imagine. Mamarabbit even birthed her twins at home, unassisted!14 twins

Here's me with the twins - they were so sweet, and exclusively breast-fed as well! Of course, I'm looking very tired.

So we hung out with them for the day, and stayed the night. Littletree and Princess got on great, and spent the day playing together.

They had a great time dressing up and playing princesses, and tormenting Angel.

Here's the girls in the garden...04 princesses

06 feeding fishAnd feeding the fish in the lake...

Sadly we couldn't stay more than a day, but at least Mamarabbit and I had a good chance to chat and talk about birth and parenting :)

Now Littletree and I have moved into Banglamphu - the main tourist area of Bangkok. We were lucky enough to get the exact same room we lived in for 2 weeks a year ago! It definitely helps Littletree to feel comfortable having something familiar. Tomorrow night we fly to Tel Aviv!


  1. Glad to read that your journey was a comfortable one, nothing worse than a rotten journey.

  2. Wow, those names are AWESOME!
    How come nobody in the US names their kids like that? It should beacome a new trend. Maybe I'll start it later in life! Btw, I LOVE LittleTree's bedtime. Never in my whole life have I met a five-year-old whos bedtime is midnight.
    That is so cool! Glad you are having a good trip so far, keep writing!!!

  3. Majik,

    I so envy you this trip! What a great experience for the little one.

    And, have to ask...what happened to the font? It's really hard to read :)

  4. stella; the names are all pseudonyms. pretty much all the names on my blog are. Though they are usually related to the person's real name or personality. :)
    My daughter isn't really called Littletree ;) Her real name is much cooler!

    rachel, thanks for letting me know about the font. I'm just experimenting with different styles. I thought this one was nice, but I won't use it again if it's hard to read.

  5. Take lots of pictures!
    I love seeing different countries.
    You lead some life that is for sure.

  6. WHAT?? Those aren't their real names??? [GROAN, slapping forehead]
    I'm such an airhead sometimes, but I can only assume that all of their names are even better!
    I sorta figured that about LittleTree, beacuse in the articles you write it reffers to her real name, but the other ones.... This is kinda funny now that I think of it. I guess being able to laugh at yourself is a good thing! [I hope] I mean, my real name isn't even Stella!
    I think this is the longest, most ramble-y comment ever, so I'll stop jabbering now, and continue laughing at my wierd mistakes.

  7. Glad the trip was a good one, hopefully the rest will be as smooth for you. I got a giggle out of Littletree & Princess tormenting the brother.

  8. Majik, it is a cool font, but maybe a little darker color would work. I think that's the issue.

    I hope you are having a blast today!

  9. is the font better now? I made it bold...

    don't worry about it stella. lots of people ask me why i named my daughter Littetree LOL

  10. I think I know this Mama...maybe. If your daughter's name was Littletree that would be sweet. I like the name she has though. We have a tree babe as well. And a flower and a raptor and a city and a plant and a constallation...

    Have fun!


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