Monday, 10 December 2007

Estrella the Hermit Crab

Littletree has been hassling for a pet for a while now. We've been getting books about animals out of the library, looking in the pet shop, and watching endless animal videos on youtube.
She really really really wants a pet. Of course, she wants a kitten most of all, and a bunny, and a puppy, and a fish, a mouse and a kitten...

We talked with her a lot about why we aren't getting a cat - because we live in a very small cottage in the bush, and there's a lot of birds and wildlife around that the cat would kill. Likewise a dog. there are wallabies and poterroos and koalas on our property. Not to mention that we often go travelling so we can't really make a commitment to a pet.

We talked about all the responsibility of having a pet; feeding grooming, litter/ cage maintenance, exercise, etc. And still she wanted one.

Since Dogs and Cats are out, and I don't want any mice, since we have enough trouble with rodents in the house as it is, we decided to get her a fish. Something small and low-maintenance. We figured; if it doesn't work out with a goldfish, then we can always put it into the pond by the pool.

So off to the Pet Shop we went, to check out how much a small tank and a couple of goldfish would cost. Lalala... We decided on the smallest tank they had; it was about 25cm x 12cm, and 2 goldfish and a little catfish to help keep the tank clean.


The phone rang, and the petshop woman went off for a few minutes. That's when we found the Hermit Crabs. Of course, it was Littletree's choice; we talked with her a bit about how to take care of it and what it will involve. But she was sold in the first second she saw the crabs.

Admittedly, it seems a little funny to be buying a crab from the pet shop when we can just go to the beach and catch one, but it was definately a lot cheaper than buying fish, what with the tank and accessories and whatnot. And much cooler ;)

Littletree named her Estrella
Estrella 5


  1. Oooh - great choice! I am still fighting off the pets idea - as long as humanly possible.

  2. Adorable! I love the name. Very fitting :-)

  3. Now that is definitely a 'cool' pet

  4. I am a pet person, big time. We currebtly have 2 dogs, 5 cats, fish, chickens. We've had ferrets, hamsters, rats, gerbils, all sorts of birds...I really like hermit crabs. Watch the pinch of course.

    Kids and pets really go hand and hand.

  5. I had hermit crabs for a Christmas gift as a child, but gradually they all got lost and I would find the stinky dead crab shells around my grandmas house.
    I also found that if you heat up the shells little by little you can get the crabs to come out...

    he he he


  6. Thanks Leon. You just go back to bed now and don't forget your meds, okay.

  7. My daughter was upset because hers had came out of its shell and Looked like it was something out of a science fiction movie. She thought it was dying..
    We bought a bigger shell and left it alone and it had moved in by the next day. Those things are very hardy and live a good while.


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)