Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Chappy Channukah!

We just lit the candles for the eighth day of Channukah.
Channukah 3
Littletree loves lighting the candles, of course.
Note the shiny new silver Channukiah (candelabra), which was sent to us by Purple's mother.
Perhaps in response to the first Channukiah we had as a family when we first moved to Tel Aviv; We stuck the candles on an old Commodore 64. According to Jewish law, the Channukiah can be anything, as long as the 8 candles all stand at a uniform height. The most common makeshift Channukiah being 8 beer bottle tops nailed to a board, or something preschoolers make with tinfoil.

Of course, we knew that having candles lit on a plastic surface is dangerous, and we took extra care to make sure the candles were put out when they got low. Until we didn't.

I came into the room to find flames leaping high. Thankfully, Jewish law also requires one to keep the Channukiah in the window, and it is generally raining in Israel in December. I just poured water over it and stuck it out on the window sill.
Naturally the whole apartment was filled with a thick black toxic smoke in seconds.

I was, however, clear-headed enough to quickly throw some sheets over all the furniture, shut the doors, open the windows and get myself and Littletree outside for a while.

Sadly, I don't have a picture of that happy event (probably because then I didn't have the wonderful teeny tiny digital camera that I have now) So you'll just have to make do with another nice shot of our new Channukiah, complete with rainbow pride candles :)
Channukah 5


  1. Yea! Love the rainbowy candles. Happy Channukah! :)

  2. littletree looks so serious. What a beautiful gift.
    Happy Channukah!

  3. The candles are lovely :)
    Thank goodness you were able to put the flames out quickly!!

  4. Does Little Tree still have her dreds? In this photo it looks like she is back to her curls!
    Happy Channuka!

  5. Littletree does still have her dreadlocks. she cut herself a fringe (bangs) at the front, but at the back is still dreds :)

    I love the look of concentration when she's lighting the candles.


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