Saturday, 15 December 2007

Leaving the Land of Oz

Just for a little while.
Littletree and I are getting on a plane to New Zealand today :)
Short notice, I know, but it was somewhat spontaneous.
I decided to go to the rainbow gathering over there, even if just for a little bit.
I'm just chalking it up to an educational experience for Littletree; the ultimate kindergarten field trip. See, if I put her in school, she'd be missing out on a trip to the local saw mill, or museum of cattle farming, or something.

So we fly into Christchurch, get to the gathering as fast as we can, stay for a week or so, and then back to Chch, we fly home again on christmas day.
Since the flights were amazingly discounted on that day, and I personally don't have any fondness for the holiday.
So! I won't post till the end of the month, but I will definitely have a lot of photos when I get back :)


  1. I hope you have an amazing time, what an experience for little tree. your blog is very inspirational......... why are we teaching our kids to be so serious and strict? spontaneity is good:)


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)