Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Phone a Friend

Okay, I need help, Quick!

As some of you may or may not know, I’m actually crap at making decisions. I um and ahhh over things for *hours*. okay, for days and days, irritating everyone around me.

My tried and true method of making decisions (other than the multitude of craziness we all remember from when I won the iPad) is to ask my friends. The few friends I now have left will attest to this. I go over and over stuff, weighing up pros and cons ad nauseum.

And in this very moment, I have a massive choice to make… and no friends around to ask! Purple is off at a rainbow gathering somewhere in Queensland, no one else seems to be online… and I’m in Malaysia!

So, I’m asking the help of the internet-at-large: please please please help me design my new kitchen! (not sure if I mentioned it, but while we’re away, our kitchen is getting re-build).

The builder just Skyped me to say there’s a question about the size of the island. Here’s the diagram:


(click to see a bigger version)

The actual walls are in thick black. Don’t worry about the thing that looks like we have 2 ovens – one of them is mis-labelled and will actually be a “dishwasher”, but I’m installing the laundry machine there instead, just because I’m cool and European like that.

The question is about THE ISLAND. (ignore all the faint green lines that indicate the sizes of things, and focus on THE ISLAND! it’s to be 1350mm wide (53” for Americans) (not 1300 as shown) and 2100mm long (82”), and yes, it’s curved on one side, with barstool seating around the curved edge.

So, See how the island sticks out past the dotted line that represents where the edge of the kitchen *was* (there was a half wall and bench here before, but now it’s gone – just lovely open space).

The choice is: Do the island as shown, OR cut out the “300 base” (which is 300mm – 11.8”) and shorten the whole thing to 1500mm (60”) OR change the 300 base to a 400mm base (15.75”), thus making the whole island 2200mm (86.5”).

Less island, which doesn’t stick out so much, but I just loose storage space and seating space, or more island, more cupboards and more seating space, but it sticks out past the “kitchen” space and into the “living/ dining” space 640mm-740mm (25”-30”).

I can also change the configuration of all the cupboards in the island, but let’s don’t go there!



  1. Hi,
    I probably wouldn't want the island sticking out into a different living space, can you live without the extra seating? As for storage space, using pull outs and lazy suzans etc can give you massive amounts of extra room. Love the curved island, beautiful - good luck!!

  2. I agree with Suzy -- take it out so that it doesn't encroach upon your living space.

  3. okay, good point. my only thought is that then I lose cupboard space and seating space... like I said. also, it's encroaching just a little into what is actually a huge room (it's twice as long as it looks in this picture) and it goes into what is now dining space... which won't matter because I imagine that for all but the most formal meals, we'll be eating at the island bench.

  4. There's a cupboard against the wall that is over the dotted line too, could you get another one so it would meet up with the island?

    If you are iffy about removing it, don't. It's easier to remove than add without it looking funny.

  5. I am thinking I would go the other way and keep it. If the room is open plan like ours, it wont infringe on your space but will meld together. I love extra storage space. Our family room and kitchen is all one big room. We can hang out and cook and enjoy the fireplace all at once. :-)

  6. I would keep it. Wouldn't want to lose the extra seating space. :)

  7. hi, i love the shape of the island, i would keep it within the kitchen space not, sticking out in2 the living space, realy looking forward to seeing the final photos. stella is going to try and get little tree on skype later just weve had a problem with pass word lol. xx

  8. oh goodlordloveaduck! some say this, some say that.
    my beloved Lady Demelza, who I phoned in a frantic, also says to go with the longer island, just because the extra storage space and seating are important.
    and I say: but but but!!! what if I'm *wrong*? This decision will be literally SET IN STONE! Organic White Quartz Engineered Stone benchtop, to be precise. gah!

  9. I am for the more storage option...

  10. I may be a little late, but I say you can never go wrong with extra seating and/or storage!

  11. and I may be even later and say that what looks so precise and in line on paper dosent really matter in real life, remember that there will be chairs on that side too which will be pushing into the living space, unless you will be keeping them pushed in to keep the lines exact!! I went thru the same thing when building so can see how your getting hung up on it. I say more storage! yay! Leave it as it is because the chairs break this invisible line you are trying to create out of our wonderful humanely vision of perfection. As Karisma said earlier it will meld the spaces, think more in ying and yang lines of flowing around each other rather than straight defined boxes.
    Ok thats my thought

    good luck with your decisions


  12. OK so closing my eyes and picturing your house (which by the way is totally confuzzling seen as the new kitchen is totally different to the current one)I think the bigger island will be fine :) I like the curved shape and think it's size and shape will help the two areas flow together.

    Plus next time I visit, the large island with it's extra seating place will make an awesome bar for you to sit at while I make you delicious drinks!

  13. Well, lea has actually been in my house, so she has a better idea of how this all stands, I suppose.

    thanks so much to everyone! So many quick answers :) yay for internet!

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