Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Capoeira Cats

All packed up again and ready to leave Israel. It’s been nice to visit, a little short, but so good to see everyone!

On the weekend we had a lot of friends over for a little get-together, we all sat around chatting and we got into playing capoeira.


Littletree has been really getting into playing again – she begged me to do some training with her every day :)


Loads of fun!

Sadly, Littletree’s cousin found some abandoned kittens mewling in the woodpile. One of them was already dead and the surviving three weren’t in good shape; hungry, cold and wet from the rain.


Everyone took turns in holding them on hot water bottles and feeding them special milk from a dropper.


Tonight I fly to Bangkok to await Littletree and Purple, who will be coming in two more days, then Littletree and I fly to Malaysia for a month :)


  1. Poor kitties! So glad they are getting some love. Have a safe journey.

  2. Love/Light for for your travels!

  3. Hope you have a safe flight! It looks like Littletree is getting attached to that baby kitten! Hope you keep up on your travel posts! I'm really enjoying all the adventure!

  4. I cannot wait to hear of your time in Malaysia; safe travels xo


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