Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bagless in Bangkok

I arrived safe and sound to Bangkok after a long and boring night flight, only to discover that my luggage didn’t fare as well. Apparently, my backpack went to Hong Kong.

I always knew that one day my backpack would be old enough to go traveling without me and off she’d go. It’s just part of being a parent – our children aren’t our own, we’re just borrowing them for a while. Like with anything one borrows, the idea is to take good care of it and return it in good condition, preferably with a full tank and the oil and water topped up.

Still, I hadn’t expected my bag to fly the coop so soon; after all, she’s barely two years old! The good people at the airport baggage services counter assured me that should my backpack be recovered, it will be returned to me. But like any runaway, one can only hope that after a crappy night or two out in the cold, they will come back – sadly, many of them are never heard from again.

I would very much like to see my backpack again, because there’s no way I could replace my fetoscopes and stock of herbal tinctures and other assorted midwifery whatnots before I will need them next.

On the bright side, I still had my carry-on bag with my computer in it, my passport and wallet. And I’m in Bangkok, so I could easily get a room at my favourite guest house, buy some clean clothes very cheaply, go eat a yummy meal at Pen Thai - my favourite place to eat in the whole world,

01 Pen Thai

And spend an evening drinking a beer on Khao San Road, watching the people go by and chatting to interesting strangers.

02 Khao San

Backpack, if you’re reading this, please come home; everything is forgiven and I promise never to over-stuff you again!


  1. Oh no!! How terrible, but what a fabulous post about it ;-). Hmm, so your favorite restaurant in the whole world is in Bangkok, eh? If there's anyone I'd trust giving "best in the whole world" recommendations it's you! :-)

  2. Thanks rainblissed :)
    and yep, my fave place to eat in all the world is Pen Thai on Soi Rambuttri. I could eat there every day for weeks and never get sick of it. mmmmmm Best.Thai.Food.Ever.

  3. So sorry to hear about your bag, but at least you are finding comfort in some of your favorite things.

  4. I hope that your bag is recovered.

  5. apparently now my back is back in Tel Aviv *bang head*. They tell me it will be back in Bangkok in 2 days... hopefully before I leave for KL, also in 2 days. gah!

  6. Oh no! I hope you get it back, soon!

  7. Hope that bag comes home with it's tail between its legs!

  8. apparently my bag arrives to bangkok airport about 3 hours before my flight leaves. *cutting it very fine*.

    Though, in all fairness, I probably brought it upon myself - I think my backpack knows I was checking out that cute green suitcase on wheels with the big pockets in front.

  9. LOL

    I do hope you got it, and everything works fine for you and littletree.

    Are you sure it is the best? Because I can think of two that come pretty close, if not better: Pizza Pazza, and the Lebanese place in sea-point.

  10. Happens to the best of us.
    My bag when for a walk going to my first Rainbow Gathering in Arizona. They told me it was on its way there already on a different flight. Then when I arrived they said, no.
    I checked in every week or so to try and find it, apparently it was being bussed around to different destinations. Still a gathering is a good place to go with one bag less. I had my tent, people gave me a sleeping bag and of course the clothing freebox.
    In the end when I got back after a summer on the rainbow caravan going to festivals, there it was waiting for me at home... (missing one sandal).

  11. moddy, you're right. Pizza pazza and the Lebanese place in Sea Point were also good. But still, Pen Thai is my fave, I think.

    That's funny, Leon. I guess, losing one's bag is always a blessing. And really, if my birth kit wouldn't be in there, I probably wouldn't have worried at all.


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