Saturday, 21 May 2011

Its a hard life

We spend our days eating lush tropical fruits (rambutan, Littletree’s favourite)

10 rambutan

Drinking coconuts (Littletree is learning to climb coconut trees)

19 coconut

Eating durian mmmmmm (well, I eat durian, Littletree hates it)

27 durian

We walk down to the river for swims

15 river

Or jump in the pool

20 pool

We hang out around the veggie garden, picking fresh greens for dinner,

16 veg garden

and we have yummy feasts every night with awesome people

23 feast

Mmmm Malaysian food

24 feast

Yep, it’s a hard life alright, but someone’s gotta do it! And still, Littletree is bone-crunchingly homesick. I’m starting to consider changing our tickets to go home early, but it’s really expensive – $450 for both of us – yikes!


  1. We grew rambutans growing up, yum yum :)

    You poor thing having to suffer such a terrible life ;)

  2. Oh sure you wanna come home! Funnily enough I had a dream the other night that you did come home early. Its only another week or so, have fun! Hugs xox

  3. actually, it's still 2.5 weeks... and I did change the tickets. Littletree was... well... I've never ever seen her so distraught for such an extended time. :( So now we go home on Tuesday, and she's counting down the minutes. At least that counts as math, right?

  4. Looks like a relaxing time. Though I can understand being homesick. Have safe travels!

  5. Hi Ela,
    Would you like to jump on a plane and come to Fiji right away?
    Sage was due yesterday and we have no midwife...
    Love, Clemens

  6. Oh Clemens, I would love to, but I had another change of plans - we're going to Phuket tomorrow to help out Tina; she's very sick. anyway, I sent you email. blessings!


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