Sunday, 8 May 2011

Landing in Paradise

Littletree and I arrived to Malaysia safe and sound :) We left Bangkok for the airport early, to pick up my luggage which finally arrived – just in time to take our flight to Kuala Lumpur. I was so glad to get my backpack back, intact, with all my birth kit!

We landed in KL at around 9:30pm, then the slow dawdle through customs and immigration, waiting at the luggage carousel (thankfully, lightning doesn’t strike twice and all our stuff was there)!

Then it was an hour on the shuttle bus to the city, we got slightly lost and waited a while for our ride, and finally another hour to drive back to the place we’re staying. It was nearly 1am when we arrived – exhausted!

In the dark we crossed over a little footbridge with the sound of water rushing underneath. In the darkness, a little bamboo “chalet” was dimly lit, and we were ushered up the stairs into our room. Mmmmm a lovely, soft bed encased in mosquito netting. Ah the bliss that is horizontality!

We slept like a pair of logs to the sound of the river below, and only woke up around noon. Slowly stretching, I threw back the shutters to see:

05 view from the window


The river rushing by right below our chalet and the little bridge we’d crossed over in the dark

01 river view

Beautiful gardens all around and other little chalets and huts across the way

03 garden view

Littletree was incredibly excited to see treehouses and rope bridges

02 treehouse view

Our room is lovely; simple and comfortable.

04 our chalet

Here is the chalet from the outside with it’s little living area downstairs.

06 our chalet

Such a beautiful place, and the smell of fresh durian wafting on the breeze!


  1. Ahh, the prodigal backpack returns!! {Forgive me, I've spent the weekend with evangelical Christians - long story) Anyway, so happy it's back along with your wonderful tools of the trade! Indeed, you are in paradise! Enjoy!!

  2. It does truly look like paradise -- enjoy your time! And thanks for sharing your travels. :-)

  3. would be better if you were here, ariad ;P

  4. Oh how I love durian! Seriously my favorite <3

  5. Looks lovely. I'm so glad that all your supplies turned up safely. Have a wonderful time there xo

  6. I do have to say: I so envy you!! How you travel about so much! Would love to do that soon. I just want to GO! May I be so bold to ask, are you working while traveling, or just trusting the Universe to provide (it always does, doesn't it??) Loved the Fish massage! A bit creeepy, but I bet your tooties were happy afterwards!!
    Love your adventures!!


  7. Earthdrummer, I used to travel constantly, and I made money mostly by busking. Sometimes I worked a little, but mostly just live very simply.
    This trip we came over to Malaysia to attend a birth - the owners of the resort we're staying at invited us and paid for our tickets and expenses. :)

  8. How lovely!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us!!


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)