Friday, 6 May 2011

Fish Feet

Littletree and Purple arrived to Bangkok early yesterday morning – with their luggage. We spent the day walking around, eating yummy food, buying nice clothes and looking at cool stuff.

The latest craze on Khao San Rd is “fish spa” – you sit with your feet in a big tank of little sucker fish and they nibble all the dead skin cells off your feet. Littletree loved it, though she could hardly bare to keep her feet in the water for any more than a few seconds at a time.


Supposedly it’s good for your feet – exfoliating and rejuvenating… but mostly it tickles like you wouldn’t believe


It really feels freaky, but my feet did, at least, get really clean – very welcome after I’d walked around Bangkok for a day barefoot since my sandals are in my backpack that never arrived off the plane!


It was quite an experience – definitely worth trying!

Clip of Littletree with her feet in the fish spa


  1. Wow...I have stood in rivers, and I have had minnows nibble my legs, but I can't imagine this many fishes nibbling my feet at once. How neat, though. Great post!

  2. Wow, that is interesting! Wonder if I could start up my own fish feet nibbling business here in Rosebank??? Maybe I should just stick to nibbling in general ;)

  3. They supposedly had one of those fishy pools when we were staying in Auroville in India but I never got to go! Hooray for nibbles!

  4. yeah, I've had little minnows nibbling my feet in rivers, but never like this.

    Ariad, if you want practise nibbling, let me know ;)


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