Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Change of Plans–it’s a Wild Life!

Majikfaerie to the rescue! Just when we decided to change our tickets and go home early, a good friend contacted me asking if I can come to Phuket and help her out. Littletree was really happy at the prospect of spending a week or so in Thailand, especially since we’ll be staying at a house with a private swimming pool. So off we go!

Last night Wasabi, the civet cat – which Littletree, who has been avidly studying a book on South East Asian Mammals, informs me isn’t a true cat – came to visit in our room


She’s such a sweet little critter; apparently it’s really rare to see them as they’re very shy of humans, but Wasabi was rescued as a baby and hand-raised by the owner of this resort, She’s returned to the wild now, but still pops in for visits.


We also had another surprise guest – a massive scorpion!


Here it is next to my size 39 shoe for size comparison


So glad not to accidentally step on that one in the night!


  1. Cute kitty! Terrifying bug! Glad you were not its victim!! Have fun in Thailand.

  2. Cute cat. Oh that scorpian looks nasty! Have fun in Thailand. Love you and miss you.

  3. Oh my both the cat an the scorpion look a wee bit scary! I am so happy you are living your adventurous life to the fullest! Have a blast in Thailand!

  4. we are, indeed, having a blast!


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)