Tuesday, 28 September 2010


More signs of Spring!

The Birthday garden bed we made for Purple is really taking off – everything is lush and thriving, we’ve even started harvesting for salads :D Here’s how it looks 4 weeks on:

49 garden 4 weeks

And there’s beautiful flowers blooming all around the garden; many of which are growing wild.

58 spring flowers

These delicate purple flowers are only about 1cm tall (1/4”) – I love the macro zoom on my camera

56 spring flowers

These were surprise flowers a friend gave me – we planted them not knowing what would bloom and they’re *gorgeous*

54 spring flowers

These were flowers Littletree planted in her own garden bed last year

57 spring flowers

and these were high up on trees down in the faerie forest:62 spring flowers59 spring flowers 

Even better: there’s peaches budding on a tree too!

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  1. Beautiful! I am so loving Springtime right now...looks like we might be in for a hot summer though!


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