Monday, 6 September 2010

Update From the Australian Unschooling Conference

Littletree and I are currently at the Australian Unschooling Conference Retreat on the Gold Coast, which is AWESOME!!!

There’s around 100 unschooling families here, so loads of unhindered children living freely and loads of parents holding and attending interesting workshops and discussions.

Littletree and I did a little bit of travelling around in our trusty van, Sunshine for a few days before we got to the conference – we went to visit Ariad from Rainbow Love Farm – Littletree had an awesome time playing in their fabulous garden, and then we stopped in on another friend of ours who had just given birth to a new baby so I could bring her food (I made a big lasagne) and do her dishes.

On the way out, we almost ran over a turtle on the road, luckily I wasn’t going fast and could swerve to miss it. We jumped out and Littletree carefully carried it across the road (in the direction it was going, of course) and out of harm’s way.

02 turtle rescue

We arrived early at the conference and got to hang around helping out with the registrations and meet everyone. I was honoured to meet Dayna Martin face-to-face and to see a whole lot of people I know from previous unschooling events as well as from the internet.

03 Dayna Intro Talk

The talks have been amazing with discussions on so many aspects of Unschooling. It’s fantastic to see so many people getting so much inspiration from everything.

06Dayna Intro Talk

Next to the main conference tent they have a kids’ space set up with lots of cool activities for children to join in, like art, face painting, craft, dance, yoga, storytelling, clay modelling and loads more

08 kids clay workshop

A big group of kids all worked together to make this awesome clay sculpture

14  kids clay workshop

Of course, they spend a lot of time enjoying the three swimming pools

16 kids pool

and the water slides

18 water slide

Last night a Bush Dance was organised, which was loads of fun

22 bush dance

Well, there’s still a couple more days left,  but that’s all for now. :D


  1. I am constantly in awe and also jealous of all of the fabulous homeschooling/ unschooling things you have going on around you there. What a fabulous community!

  2. ok I am a little jealous...I zoomed in on one of those pics and saw some of my friends! LOl! Wish we could have come but would not have happened this week with one very sick kiddo inhouse! :-(

    Glad everyone is having such an awesome time! Hugs xoxoxo

  3. Just wondering if you could elaborate on 'unhindered' children. Also I am interested in knowing how the unschooled children interact if they don't know each other? Something I am observing with my 3.5yo is that she is eager and friendly with just about every child she meets but so often they just ignore her and do not include her in their interactions. I went to one unschooling meet in Melbourne and I must say my daughter was completely exhaused after joyously interacting with all the kids. I don't comment much but I love your blog. Best, Mena.

  4. thanks everyone. :)

    boatbaby, we have ocean near here, just sail on over and park in my neighbourhood!

    sorry about your sick kiddo Mrs K

    Mena, it's a good question. I think I might have to do a whole post about it, but in a nutshell, unhindered children are those accustomed to being respected. They aren't bound by arbitrary rules and thus they behave well and respectfully, while having fun and running around freely. they interact joyously with each other, and don't tend to separate along 12-month age divisions.


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)