Friday, 17 September 2010

Tooth Faerie

When Littletree started losing her baby teeth, I decided not to mention the tooth fairy; like with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, I don’t want to lie to my child – especially not about faeries, since we believe in them anyway – no need to sully our knowledge of *real* faeries with imaginary fairies that parents use to con their kids into brushing their teeth and behaving well.

But of course, being a real child in the real world, Littletree heard about the tooth fairy from other kids. I was careful not to say anything for or against the tooth fairy, just that some people believe in her and some don’t. Littletree was one of the ones that did, apparently.

When her first tooth came out, I swapped it for a rose quartz, but the second tooth I forgot to do anything with, and it stayed in Littletree’s little “tooth box” on her temple for several days. Until one day she came running up to me all excited with a little plastic jewel (that I swear had been in her craft supplies box), saying that the tooth fairy had given it to her for her tooth.

The tooth was still in it’s little box, so I took it and kept it with the first baby tooth (yes, I keep them, I’m just sentimental like that). And so it went, with Littletree putting her own gifts from the Tooth Fairy in the tooth box every time she lost a tooth, me remaining non-committal in regards to the existence of the Tooth Fairy, and all was well.

Until one day a couple of weeks ago she came home from a friend’s house, stomped in the front door and asserted, “You LIED to me! The Tooth Fairy is NOT real. I feel so HUMILIATED!”

What could I do? We just had a cuddle and she cried a bit and we talked about it.

The next day she happened to lose another tooth – the 8th one! Since I still wanted to keep her baby teeth, I had an idea and said to her “Since the tooth fairy isn’t real, how about I buy your baby tooth from you for $2 because I want to keep them.”

She was outraged, “How could you SAY such a thing? The Tooth Fairy IS real! Don’t ever say something like that.” and she stomped off to put her tooth in the tooth box.


I had to laugh about it, and shortly after, I was in town and saw this in the window of the toy store:

96 tooth fairy

“Tooth Fairy” Every Child’s “HERO”

I had to laugh! I can’t even decide if this is unnecessary quotations or not!


  1. How ironic is that! :-)

    I am like you... I do not want to lie to my kids about Santa, Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, either. I remember being really confused by it all when I was little, and I don't want to do that to my kids. I just tell mine that they are not real, but that momma and daddy's pretend that they are Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny, so they can give their kids presents, etc. They never seem to mind. :-) How cute that Little Tree was being her own tooth fairy. :-) That is priceless!

  2. have you seen this ad campaign: Santa gives more to rich kids than poor kids

  3. I love that you let her decide what she wants to believe and are so there for her. You are such an awesome mamma

  4. thanks ariad. you're an awesome mumma yourself!


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