Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Littletree Gets Political

Littletree has been taking her role as wildlife warrior quite seriously lately, constantly on the lookout for animals that need rescuing, especially since she rescued a turtle crossing the road when we were on the way to the Australian Unschooling Conference.

This week at the village market there was a stall set up for people to write letters to government members protesting the Repco Rally – a motor race that goes through national parks and wildlife areas in our region.

Littletree was most disturbed about the race, as it goes through areas where there are threatened and endangered marsupial species and the race is held during their breeding season. This means that the stress from the noise alone could cause the animals to miss their breeding season or even die from stress in some cases.

So Littletree wrote a letter to the Minister, in her own words “I don’t want the rally because it is killing animals”.

46 letter writing

I felt really proud of her for standing up for something she believes in; writing letters to politicians is a huge deal, and she felt really great to do it. I haven’t seen her motivated to do so much writing all in one sitting before. :)

Then we had a long talk about how our political system works and how laws are made, and lobbying and how people putting pressure on politicians can make a real difference.


  1. that's a beautiful photo... how empowering for her.

  2. On rally car noise - There was a great program on RN Science Show last Saturday on soundscape as a way of assertaining the health of natural environments. Plenty of stuff about the detrimental effects of loud machines on habitats. If your interested you can download it at

  3. Good for Little tree.
    Beautiful photo


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