Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fire Station Tour

Last week our home school group went for a tour of the Fire station, which was really cool. The kids got to have a question and answer session with some of the Fire fighters


Followed by a tour around the station


Then we watched one of the fire fighters putting her full suit on


and had a look at the Fire truck


The kids kept asking the fire fighter what happens if they run out of hose. He insisted that they have loads of hose. Then one child asked, “but what if the hose gets burned in the fire?” The fire fighter again asserted that they have plenty, and opened up the hose storage. Not to be fooled, the children asked what happens if even that hose runs out. The fire fighter, undaunted, opened up yet another hose storage compartment and assured us all that there was more than enough hose, and no way they could ever totally run out. Littletree of course, pointed out that unless they have infinite hose, it could at some point, run out. The poor fire fighter didn’t stand a chance against the logic of unschooled kids! LOL


The kids all got to climb up into the cab and have a look around


and best of all they all got a turn of the fire hose!


which was perfect for a hot, sunny day


It was a great day, and of course the kids all got fire-safety promo goodie bags :)

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