Saturday, 11 September 2010

Unschooling Conference Talent Show

I finally got the videos from the Unschooling Conference talent show edited and uploaded. The whole show was fantastic, I enjoyed it immensely – I would love to have filmed the whole thing, but I just have a couple of clips.

Here’s Littletree’s act – I only filmed half of it, and sadly the audio isn’t so great – you can mostly only hear the clapping and backing music; the lyrics are a bit hard to make out. Basically the song was one she made up about how the world is in danger and it needs saving and god gives her the magic to save nature with music.

Here’s a mixed clip of a few different acts

you can see more pictures from the conference at


  1. sucks that the quality is so bad - I can't understand what she sings at all.

    It is very nice that everyone is clapping!

  2. I know. I'm gonna try to get her to sing it again for me so I can film it without background noise. It's such a great song.


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