Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The First Tooth

Littletree lost her first wobbly tooth! It was wobbly for a couple of weeks, and she has two more wobblies to come out.

Of course, she looks cuter than ever with the little gap.

52 lost tooth

I'm not really sure how I feel about the tooth fairy. I'm absolutely not into doing Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, because I'm not going to lie to my child. She has plenty enough magic in her life and a world full of fairies without me faking it to create more. LOL

Besides; we managed to get this far without her really knowing about Santa or the Easter Bunny.

The Tooth Fairy... well, I'm still not wanting to lie to Littletree to create a fairy that doesn't exist (especially when I would find it insulting to the hoards of real faeries inhabiting our garden).

But Littletree heard about the Tooth Fairy on her own. I asked her what she knows about the Tooth Fairy, and she told me that the Tooth Fairy is the first faerie she ever met, and it was she that taught her all about faeries and faerie magic.

When the tooth fell out, Littletree found a little magic box to put her tooth in to await the visit from the Tooth Fairy, along with some crystals that apparently the Tooth Fairy had given her when the tooth first started wobbling.

51 lost tooth

My friend asked Littletree if the Tooth Fairy would give her money for the tooth, and Littletree replied, "well, I've been REALLY good, so there's NO WAY the Tooth Fairy would give me money. She'll give me something MUCH better than that. Like, the BEST thing in the world. Maybe a dress-up, or a Diamond. Yeah, for sure it will be a Diamond"

So I was left thinking, 'how on earth am I going to get a diamond... in our little village... at this hour?'

In the end, I forgot about it :o and only the next day I swapped the tooth for a rose quartz. Littletree didn't seem phased at all.


  1. I love her quote about getting something MUCH better than money :)
    How sweet!
    It seems more often than not our little people are very happy with what they get rather than with what our adult expectations are.
    Cheers to you and your first baby tooth out!

  2. Oh My Goddess, these things seem to happen so soon! I admit I have been dreading this moment with my eldest but am wonderfully reassured by your calm and loving approach and by your daughter's equally calm and centred approach.

  3. You have got the most amazing daughter. Most kids I know would be devastated at not getting money off the tooth fairy.

    It's fantastic to hear a child talk about getting something better than money.

    You have a fantastic family.


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