Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Bicycle, Bicycle!

Littletree is teaching Purple to ride a bike.


She's a great teacher, and he's doing really well. should be able to get the training wheels off soon - and he's only 38! They go pretty fast down the steep hill outside our house.


Okay, actually, Littletree is learning to ride - she's still not really confident on the bike yet, but on the flat driveway she does okay (I just don't let her get near the hill or on roads on the bike)


Oh, and speaking of hills, some neighbours have cleared a bit of the hill under their house, and put down thick plastic sheeting... voila! instant water slide! The kids had a great time on it, at least on the dry runs.


Fun times!

We also have another new neighbour in the hood; I've seen her around a few times now


Yep. She's an echidna :) One of those freaky cool Australian egg-laying mammals.


  1. Yeah nice echiddna, I am drooling over the picture where LT is running on air! Wow! How cool would that have looked with wings????? Okay its cool already, but just imagine!

    Oh and well done purple, lets see it without the training wheels tomorrow!

  2. Oh I love echidna! So cute :-)

  3. oh wow i would love to see an echidna in person! what a cool neighbor to have. you have some of the neatest animals ever over there. along with some of the most amazing dinosaur fossils ever.

    btw my spell check wants me to say enchilada instead of echidna!

    the bike riding is also very cool.

  4. karisma; she does have wings. they just don't show up on camera ;)


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)