Friday, 12 June 2009

New Camera!!!

I bought a new camera! Woohoo!

After days and days of searching online and reading reviews and searching for prices, I finally found one I was happy with.

Originally I'd wanted to get another Exilim, like my old one, which I loved, but it's not a common brand, and I was finding it really hard to get a good one. I did end up buying a model that I was okay with for a really good price, but annoyingly, the company contacted me the next day saying they only had that model in magenta. ugh. At least they contacted me, and gave me an instant refund, so I'm happy with that.

Lots of the cameras I looked at had some problem with them, but finally I found one that was within my price range (sort of - a little more, but okay), and small enough (roughly the same size as my old itty bitty camera), with a 5x optical zoom.

The Panasonic Lumix FS15. All the reviews I found on it were pretty rave for its class and so far I'm happy with it.

The first test shot (poor Littletree got knocked down by another kid on a bicycle and scraped her face on the pavement) :


The quality of photos compared to my old camera is amazing - I can't believe I ever thought my old camera was good. LOL here you can see them side by side - (I found that by jamming a toothpick into the battery slot of the old one it will turn on):

CIMG6703 P1010070

You can see the difference - new camera has way nicer wide angle, and clearer colours, sharper focus. And the best part about the new one is it doesn't require a toothpick and a little luck to turn on, and the zoom doesn't get stuck :)

I've been taking some great pics, but mostly I'm just messing around with the new features. It has some great ones, but also some funny ones I probably wont ever use, like these "cute" frames (that Littletree likes)



It does really nice macro (well nice for an ultra-compact point-and-shoot) here's a close-up of Littletree's running shoe:


And a tiny little cat figurine:


No doubt I'll have lots of silly photo posts in the next while. :)


  1. How funny, I have a Panasonic Lumix! As much as I poopoo it in my blog sometimes, it IS a great little camera. Mine is just old. Get the extended warranty on it, worth every penny! I have had to send mine in a few times. I think (like most cameras) they tend to behave badly in sand/ salt/ sea/ sun.
    Have fun!


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