Monday, 1 June 2009

A Great Day

At the local home school group this week Littletree made a new friend:


All the kids were quite fascinated with him for a while, which led to a long discussion about what kinds of caterpillars are okay to touch and which ones might make you itchy, as well as butterflies, chrysalis, and other assorted insect related stuff that naturally led to fairies. (Doesn't every conversation?)


(There's not really any purpose behind that photo I just wanted to include it because it's so freakin cute! Littletree has been really getting in to wearing pigtails lately - her hair has grown back so fast)

On the way home we were blessed to walk through a flock of lorikeets settling down to roost.


They are such beautiful birds


When we got home there was a surprise package waiting in the mail:


A new penfriend of Littletree's sent her this amazing hand-made skirt.


She's been wearing it pretty much constantly since she got it, always twirling, twirling...


  1. That is an amazing skirt and I love Littletrees hair too! It looks so lovely.

  2. That skirt is FABULOUS! And yes the pigtail shot is totally freaking cute. Lucky girl!

  3. What a beautiful skirt!

    The caterpillar is pretty amazing too. I wonder if it will turn into a moth or a butterfly?

    Thanks for the link for the ant. Katie found it very interesting. She loves bugs..:)

  4. Oh that darling pixie sweet face! She takes the cutest pics!

  5. That skirt is the BEST! And those pig tails are super cute, too :-) Love the lorikeets!

  6. That skirt is fantastic. I wish I was talented enough to make something like that for T.

  7. The skirt is adorable. My daughter is almost Littletree's age and is all about clothes that spin, so we are going to try to make one of our own. Thanks for sharing the fabulous pictures.

  8. hi majikfaerie, im so glad littletree loved her skirt, hope you like the photo of me wearing it, that we emailed you love from Aisha xx

  9. i am in love with that sweet girl's beautiful, giant, dark, brown eyes.



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