Saturday, 28 August 2010

Birthday Gardens

This week was Purple’s 40th birthday, so my friend and I worked together to make him a new garden bed for his birthday.

It was a great project – hard work, but good fun and very rewarding. We started with a scrappy patch of the veggie garden – our soil is mostly clay, so it’s hard to get anything to grow.


We weeded and cleared the area and dug in a bit


Put in rocks to raise up the bed in a nice curved shape that followed the natural line of the garden


And filled up the new bed with new soil, shovelled in some humus dug from the compost pit and it was ready to plant


Littletree came out at the end and helped put in some of the seedlings – we planted sat soy, parsley, spinach, aloe vera, nasturtium, rocket, a few flowers for colour and some other things I can’t remember right now.


Then we mulched it and watered


and voila! the finished product was ready to surprise Purple with. He loved it :)


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