Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hula Hoop-la

Littletree started going to circus classes in town last month. She loves the hula hoop best. I went along to watch this week – I was amazed at how good she is with the hoop; even hooping while walking over the balance beam, and doing two and three hoops at once!




Here’s a little video clip of her hula hooping


  1. Excellent! Littletree look like she is doing well....I must look for a circus class around here - madam would love it.

  2. wow! That is excellent. She is amazing. I wish we had circus school near us....maybe I'll start one :-)

  3. How totally FUN! Yes, I agree with everyone else; must find a circus school soon!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. yeah, we love the circus class. Littletree's only had 4 lessons so far, but she's loving it :D

  5. LittleTree! You amaze me! Wow! Wish you could come to my neck of the woods and teach my students some circus tricks!

    And majikfaerie, your blog is still one of my top favorites. I feel like I'm taking a vacation when I visit your blog....and you have no idea how refreshing that is at this point in my life!

    Light and Love flowing your way this morning!

  6. Littletree is rocking the hoop! Amazing! :-)

  7. I want to go to circus school!!!!! We actually have 2 circus schools here in California, but neither of them are near us :o(

  8. that's too bad, Betty. It's loads of fun.


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