Monday, 30 August 2010

Unschool Bowl-a-rama

For last week’s homeschool group meet-up went ten-pin bowling, which was pretty fun.

I think the highlight for Littletree might have been the pinball games. She heard about pinball machines for the first time recently, and I was having a hard time explaining to her what they are and how they work. I was a real pinball whizz as a small child, since my family owned a snack bar with video games, so I whiled away my pre-school days playing the pinnies.


The kids loved bowling as well, I started out showing them the “correct” way to hold and bowl the ball, but they all ended up just hurling the ball in their own style. Littletree began well but developed a sort of “shot-put” style in the end


It was a lot of fun, and Littletree won our game – well, I won, but only by 2 points *hides in shame*.

We won’t be at homeschool group this week, because Littletree and I are going to the Australian Unschooling Conference :D

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