Friday, 20 August 2010

Under the Sea World

Some other unschoolers in our area roped us in to getting 12 month passes to Sea World and a few other theme parks – it was actually a pretty good deal - $75 for unlimited entry to three parks for a year, though considering how much I love going to these places, I’m not sure free wouldn’t be paying too much. However Littletree loves it, so off we went.

Mostly we spent time in the underwater viewing room. The last time we went was with one of Littletree’s friends that isn’t so interested in fish. Littletree could have happily sat in there watching the fish for hours, but her friend rushed on through and back out again in the direction of the waterslides.

So this time we went and stayed for ages watching the underwater display. It’s not exactly an aquarium, since the “tank” is more like an artificial tide pool; it’s massive, and built outdoors, but with underground viewing rooms.

Littletree spent ages with the camera trying to get snaps of her favourite fish and then looking them up on the chart on the wall – she mostly loved the sting rays and the sharks though.








Then we went out to watch the dolphin show – Littletree was really upset that she wasn’t one of the two people chosen to pat the dolphins


And we did go on some rides in the end too :)

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  1. Beautiful fish. Such a great way to combine a learning experience and fun. :-)


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