Sunday, 1 August 2010

Science Centre Unschooling Adventure

This week Liberated Learning held an unschooling fun day at the Brisbane Museum Science Centre. It was LOADS of fun :)

47 science centre

Littletree had a fantastic time

45 science centre

I got to see what it’s like to be three years old again

48 science centre

We learned about optical illusions

50 science centre


54 science centre


60 science centre


55 science centre

Air – the amazing floating ball

61 science centre

And loads more! Here’s Littletree in the moving tunnel

Littletree even made a new friend – it was love at first sight

66 science centre

It was an awesome day; so great to hang out with the kids and let them have fun, without pressuring them to “learn” and do worksheets about the exhibits. They learn loads more this way.

We finished up with a play in the dinosaur playground, but by the end, we were pretty tired!

68 science centre


  1. It was fun! T especially liked the dinosaur playground...I did too!

  2. that was my favourite part too :p

  3. You live somewhere that holds unschooling days at the museum?!?! That's it, I am moving to Brisbane!


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