Sunday, 8 August 2010

New Floor

We’re replacing the floors in the bedrooms – when we bought our house it had mouldy seagrass carpeting, which would be okay except for the mould. We ripped that stuff up – it makes great mulch for the garden! But under the seagrass was warped, crumbling particle board.

At first I thought we could repair the old sub-floor – I sealed it,


and tried to level it with a levelling compound so we would have a flat surface to install a floating floor on


But in the end, it wasn’t saveable, and we ripped out all the sub floor


and had a friend of ours put in new boards


Then we started installing bamboo floating floorboards


It was hard work learning how to bang the planks in properly – they snap together – no nails or glue required. The instructions say “tap lightly with a hammer”, but we had to bang them in really hard.


Littletree did some of the measuring


and finally the finished product!


We love it; it looks great :) It’s now become Littletree’s favourite room – probably because the floor is smooth and there’s no furniture in there yet, so she puts on Abba songs and dances like crazy in there.


  1. Wow! That looks really good. I love that bamboo is a renewable product and has so many uses.

  2. yeah, bamboo is great, looks great too, and you did it yourself so that saves $$ Littletree cute!

  3. Well done the floor looks great and will be so much nicer to dance to Abba on :-)

  4. Your new floor looks amazing. :)

  5. I just love how children can get so much pleasure from an empty room. How durable is bamboo compared to a wooden floating floor. Our family room has a wooden floor and the scratches drive me crazy.

  6. it's supposedly more durable than some kinds of wood, less than others. it comes with a 20 year warranty tho. And we chose this after reading a lot of bamboo flooring reviews - it seems there's a few brands around (esp in the US) that scratch like crazy. Before I bought this one, I actually took my car keys out and tried to gouge the heck out of their display sample... didn't scratch at all. So I figured it's good. time will tell.

  7. I *love* your floors! I love the different colors. My uncle put bamboo in his house, all blonde colored. It does dent/scratch easily, but unlike wood, it just looks like its supposed to be that way because of the 'grain'. Great job!!

  8. Hey majikfaerie! Hadn't visited your blog in a long time so I thought I'd pop in. This post made me giggle as I was *just* re-reading a certain notorious thread on a certain notorious board that centered around your flooring! ;)

    Anyway good to see ya!

  9. why would I want to be reminded of that and why would anyone want to read it?


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