Saturday, 2 October 2010

Balinese Music Workshop

This week our homeschool group hosted a Balinese music workshop with a traditional orchestra including gamelans – it was totally awesome!

The kids had a great time helping to set up

63 balinese music workshop

and then listened as the instructor taught us about the instruments and we learned a few words in Indonesian

65 balinese music workshop

We got a quick demo of all the instruments, and then it was time for the kids to have a go

69 balinese music workshop

They had a great time making a tremendous cacophony which eventually sounded like good music, here’s a short clip about halfway through (they did get better, but I didn’t film it)

Now we’re busy packing to go to the Australian Rainbow Gathering, not sure when I’ll get to post again :)


  1. I am always awestruck and jealous of your homeschool community. I got married in Bali and have a soft spot for all things Balinese. Such a warm, child friendly, beautiful culture.

  2. thanks boatbaby! Bali would be a lovely place to get married, I've been there a few times now.

  3. oh wow that looks fabulous, do they travel with their workshops? I'd love to try and organise something like this for our kids. :-)

  4. Kylie, they're based in Byron Bay but it seems they do travel a bit around the region. you could try calling them (02) 66857789 or email
    judybyronbay [at]

  5. That looks like fun! Have a great time at the Rainbow:)

  6. Oh your group is always having so much fun! Enjoy the gathering! Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox

  7. I'm with boatbaby. The homeschool community near me is very rightwinged and elitist :o(

    I wouldn't mind taking a Balinese music workshop for me!


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