Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wild Life

Yesterday we went with my sister, Chicky and her boyfriend, S up the Gold Coast to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Littletree had a fantastic time, looking at all the animals.

56 currumbin seq roo

We saw cute Koalas, though we have plenty of them right here at home, so it's not so exciting.

65 currumbin koala mum

Chicky and Littletree got to pose with a carpet python, but again, we have loads of much bigger carpet pythons right here at home to play with!

67 currumbin python vic seq

Less common were the crocodiles, conveniently located right next to the crocodile warning signs. These signs were so ubiquitous when we went up to Cairns.

60 currumbin crocs

These little lizards were everywhere; even out in the parking lot:

80 currumbin lizard

We rode the miniature train around a few times, which Littletree absolutely loved, but of course, her little butt fit in the seats, unlike mine ;)

65 currumbin train

We also caught one of the live shows with birds of prey, which was very cool

76 currumbin eagle

Of course, I took almost 100 pictures (97 to be precise), so the hardest part of the journey was deciding which ones to delete, and which to post on my blog! Here's Chicky checking out an emu:

66 currumbin vic emu

When Littletree started getting tired, we decided to get rid of her, but it didn't quite work out ;)

83 currumbin croc seq

Sadly, Chicky and S finished their visit with us; they're spending a couple of nights in some fancy Gold Coast hotel, and then flying home. It was really great to see them, and have a catch-up with my sister, whom I've not seen for a year, even though it got a bit crowded in our tiny cottage, with me, Purple, Lush, Littletree, Chicky and S!


  1. Oh I love catching up with my 'little sis' occasionally so I know how you feel to say good bye :(

  2. Fantastic photo's! I love the last one, I have one similar of my boys! I would love to see all those lizards walking around, Im quite partial to lizards, you can keep the snakes!

  3. I so wish we had all that stuff around us...or at least driving distance!

  4. Oh that looks lovely...nice pics.
    Nice blog...will have to come back...

  5. I can't believe your daughter held that snake! She is not afraid of anything is she?


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