Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Lush Adventures

It's so wonderful to have Lush home again :) We've been having a great time, doing all sorts of stuff and adventures.

We went to Crystal Castle, which is a kind of wonderful faerie garden full of huge crystals. Littletree and her friend Annasho chased each other round the labyrinth,

28 crystal castle labrynth

we strolled through the grounds, past Buddhas and Hindu Gods, and absorbed the peaceful energy of crystals.

27 crystal power

Littletree is really fascinated with crystals, she's starting a collection of them, and spends hours playing with them, and discussing their energies.

I also gave Lush another haircut.

31 emma haircut

Funny how it suits her so well having short hair, when we were all used to her having incredibly long hair before (Lush, FKA Rapunzel, used to have thigh-length hair).

Tomorrow is Lush's birthday, but since my sister is coming for a visit, we're going to celebrate on Friday.


  1. Majikfaerie
    I love reading your blog, and now that i'm thinking of pulling my boy out of school and homeschooling i have been reading your liberated learning forums. thank you!
    I was also trying to get onto to reference there homeschooling forums, and i can't get on. do you know what's going on with mothering???

  2. thanks for your comment Soleil :)
    Jump into the Liberated learning forums, it's a great support community, as i'm sure you've seen.
    I think Mothering was closed for maintenance. just try again later.

  3. I often read (rarely comment) - but similarly, I love your blog, the joie de vivre just oozes out and is contagious. Makes me happy :D

  4. Lovely! I visited the Crystal Castle a couple of years ago! Its really gorgeous especially the gardens!


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