Sunday, 12 October 2008

Little Sister

My little sister, Chicky came up for a visit this week with her boyfriend S. Only my little sister isn't so little anymore!

48 vic ela

I left home when Chicky was only 10, so I still remember her like that, even though she's an adult now. Littletree is ecstatic to see her aunt as well!

49 vic seq

Poor S! for some reason, after having the most wonderful sunny weather since we came back from Cairns, it started raining the day they arrived, and the leeches are out in force! Somehow they seem to like S.

We've been mostly taking it easy, Chicky and S took Littletree for a day to Byron Bay, to hang out and do some touristy stuff while Lush, Purple and I went to a spa to celebrate Lush's birthday.

Yesterday we went for a drive to The Channon craft markets, stopping for a photo op at Minyon Falls on the way there.

The market was fun, the sun came out, and I had a good dance. 46 channon

Littletree made a candle too, dipping a wick in and out of different coloured vats of wax to make a rainbow coloured taper.

40 candle making

Here's the finished product:

43 candle

After everything is back to normal, I've so gotta get back into studying! I've got new midwifery books on order that I can't wait to work on :)


  1. now THAT has to be the coolest candle I've ever laid my eyes on.

  2. Your sister is gorgeous! Such amazing eyes. Beautiful :)

    We almost went to the Channon markets that day but on the way it was raining and I wasn't sure if people would be packing up so we didn't go in the end. Looks as though it turned out clear anyway...

    I'm sure the candle making would be a hit with A & A though. Are the candle people there every month?

  3. Hi Lis, yeah, the candle making people are there every month. Pity you didn't make it this time. We asked the candle making people if they could do a workshop for the HS group, and they said they need a min of 50 kids :(
    Oh well.


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