Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Oh Rats!

I've been doing a LOT of cleaning around the house - it seems we have a new rodent infestation and the rats have been keeping me up late at night.

Generally, Purple and I have an agreement that he will set out traps and I'll dispose of the dead rats, only I don't get much chance to fulfil my side of the bargain, since Purple doesn't keep his end up.

Now that Purple is away, I'm just taking care of it myself. Not to mention the rat problem getting to epic proportions - rather than the occasional scuttling in the ceiling, this week there was scurrying all the time, and I came down in the morning one day to find poo all over the kitchen bench *puke* :(

So I did a major clean-up, got in all the little nooks and crannies, I bought poison baits and new traps and set them. At first I was all into humane traps, and no poisons, but when it comes to a choice between mousetrapbeing humane and having rat poo all over my kitchen bench and in my child's toy box... well, I bought poison. One that claims to be safe for wildlife should they eat poisoned rats, of course.

We do get mice in the house too, but they're cute little marsupial mice that don't really bother me. Littletree, of course, is really into mice, and wants to have a pet mouse. She always wants to play with them, even after they're dead *shudder*. I deal with her desire to play with the mice, but we go for a good soapy wash afterwards! 

(this is actually a photo from last year, but it fit so well, and it's so cute I had to add it!)


  1. It is not totally true - I do set the traps, but the rats usually ignore it. When I left to Israel there were at least two traps set with peperoni.

  2. LOL at Purples defense! Im sure he does his best! We also have had the dilemma of what to do about rodent infestations. We have a pet rat so do not like to leave baits around although at one stage we had to. I don't like to do it anymore as not so long ago we found a little baby mouse who had obviously eaten the bait. My youngest put him in a box and tried to give him water and a little bread, he cried and cried and tried to make it live and let it go. It was raining outside and he had tried to set it free when in laid down and he thought it was about to die. His tears and compassion near broke my heart! The little mouse bled from the mouth and nose and then died. It was awful.

    We try to look for places they are getting in and block them. I know its hard but the baits are far too inhumane, I would stick to the traps at least it is a quick death. Good luck with it.

  3. We had a really bad infestation last year and a first we were all into not usign poisons. BUT after three phone cords, and two compute cords and and extension lead were eaten through, not to mention the poo everywhere we ended up buying baits aswell as traps. The worse thing about baits is that th rats would eat 'em and go off and die else where. Once I could smell dead rat for three days before I found it! It was soooo yuck.
    I lovethe photo. Her face is angelic and she's holding a dead rat! Reminds me of my 4yr old. He some compasion but then he's over it and is like...oh it's dead, it doesn't care about anything now can I play with it.LOL

  4. ew ew ew ew EW!!!!

    I can't say anything else on the subject of dead rats.


    I think LittleTree has a talent. She manages to look cute even while holding dead animals!!

  5. yeah, I know poison is inhumane, but after trying traps and all the gentle options, it's gotten to a point where I need to keep the health of my family above killing rats gently.

    Even with traps set out, we had an infestation that was getting to the point were rats were running around the house, not even shy, in plain sight, and there was rat shit covering my kitchen bench and all through the shelf where our plates and cups are kept *puke*. I don't mean a few poops, but literally dozens every morning, all over the place.

  6. I hate rats, carry disease and are just plain nasty.
    I would not let her handle any, she might get rabies.
    I hope you find a warm, safe house that is rat free soon!

  7. have you tried peppermint essential oil? that was only thing that worked for us (besides getting a cat). you just put it on a cotton ball and put it in their favorite places. i guess they really hate the smell.
    good luck!

  8. Oh how cute, a little girl holding a mouse with a broken back.

  9. That is absolutely disgusting. That poor child.

  10. ROFL @ rabies, which you can't catch in Australia.

    I hate mice and rats.
    Normally the rats stay outside though don't they?
    It was probably mouse poo on the bench.

    They seem to come inside when it's hot, looking for water.. unfortunatly in OZ there's no avoiding them. You kill the nest and a few months later they're back.. horrid little rodents.

    Tht pic of LT is adorable.. apart from the dead mouse rofl

  11. I love the rodent family ! We used to live in a tipi in the wilds of Oregon for many years. For a time we shared the space with a packrat who lived under the bed and would come in on cold nights to sit around the fire and stay warm with us, right beside our dog ( who was taught not to harm wildlife).

    As a longtime wildlife rehabber, I can tell you that posion is definitely not any more humane than traps. Traps kill instantly. Poison usually takes days to kill them, slowly. Most posions contain warafin that inhibits vitamil K, the vitamin needed to help blood clotting. The result is that they bleed slowly to death, through their noses, mouth and paws over a series of days.I have tried to save animals in this condition that have ingested stuff meant for mice, and it is not pleasant.

    When I was in your shoes not to long ago, I used traps and I encourage you to do the same. It is quick, neat and more humane.

    Just check them often because ocasionally it only gets a leg, and then they suffer...

    Much Love ~ Pixie


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