Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Big City Adventure

Lush came home this weekend! :D It's so wonderful to have all the family here. We drove up to Brisbane to pick her up, which is about 2 hours' away. The plan was to go to the museum as well so Littletree can see dinosaur bones; she's been really interested in dinosaurs recently.

After a long drive, and getting lost in the confusing maze of freeways and overpasses in central Brisbane, we finally found the park where we were to meet Lush, only to discover the park crawling with police, all taped off as there had been a murder! We arrived just in time to see the police taping off the area, and covering the body with a sheet.

24 murder scene

Pretty freaky! So we didn't hang around there, but hot-footed it straight to the museum.

Littletree did get to see some cool dinosaur bones, which was great.

14 dinosaur seq

We had a great time walking around, looking at all the exhibits. They have some really interesting stuff there. Even a Littletreeasaurus and a Lushosaur!

16 seq em dinos

I think one of the coolest things was this huge exhibit they have with loads of animals all lined up so you can see the sizes of them.

19 animals

I was also interested to see scientific proof that children do not belong in schools:

22 schools are for fish

See! Fish survive by schooling, and Humans survive by intelligence and dexterity. Schools are for fish, not children!

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  1. LOL! Great Sign! Looks like a better museum than the one in Sydney which just seems to get smaller as the years go by! How shocking to turn up at a murder scene! Im surprised it was not on the news! (Well I missed it if it was)


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