Monday, 27 October 2008

Lush Out

It's been fun the last few days having the house to just Littletree and me, especially after the last few weeks of it being so full and hectic with various visitors.

Purple is back in Israel, and Lush went back to England and broke up with me. I spent a day crying, but I feel fine now.

So on our own, Littletree and I have been going out a lot and having friends over. We went to the market, where Littletree busked with Anasho.

99 busking

I didn't yet buy her a violin, and her guitar is in Israel (Purple will bring it when he comes back), so she took my recorder and blew on it tunelessly while doing improv ballet.

I had a great time at the market, hanging out with friends and I had a really good dance at the drum circle.

98 colour girls

We also went to the beach for a play with some friends, went out for dinner in Byron, hung out at the cafe a few times, been swimming in the pool, visiting friends.

It's been really nice to spend time just the two of us and lush out a bit, spending time snuggling and watching videos in the evening, reading stories, doing crafts, making yummy food.



  1. I'm sorry to hear Lush broke up with you :( Nothing quite like a woman breaking your heart, hey? I hope you don't have too many regrets, and that Littletree is coping with it too.

    Enjoy your quiet time with your lovely girl :) Clelx

  2. Oh big hugs MF, sorry about your bad news, but very happy that you are coping so well. Sometimes a little quiet time is wonderful for the soul! Take care xxxxxx

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your sadness but, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining and yours was that you got to spend much more quality time with Littletree. I'm sending love and happiness your way, blessings, Sarah xXx

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  5. I'm so sorry for your sadness beautiful woman. I'm sending cheer up vibes to you and Little Tree with a huge block of scrummy organic chocolate.
    Don't forget you can pack up anytime and come and stay with me for a little holiday and enjoy my hot tub.
    Little Tree would have a ball with my sparkle loving, tree climbing kiddles!!!

    2 November 2008 22:21


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