Thursday, 2 October 2008

Princess Play

Littletree has been playing some wonderful games lately. She's been making a magic book, which is a notebook she's decorating. There are pages with collage, stickers, silver ribbons, stickers, glitter, pins, fuzzy things, random craft supplies... all sorts of stuff.

Every page is different, and they're all amazing. Some of the pages have text that Littletree dictated to me, some she wrote, some have 'invisible' writing.

Here's one of the pages; she dripped food colouring onto the page and then blew it with a straw to get a splattered effect. then added glue and glitter.

57 magic book

It's a very complicated recipe for making a magic potion that will help the faeries to have their sparkles, destroy the evil goblins and fly with magic.

Littletree has been working on making this potion for weeks. It started with tracing the outline of her feet on some card, and cutting them out. then painting them pink, covering them with glue, and soaking them in a bowl of water for about a week. then the paper feet were dried out, and the water had food colouring, white paint, and a lot of glitter added to it.59 potion making

The potion was then left to sit for another week, then more stuff added. it had to be decanted into various different containers, then frozen. then melted, poured to other containers, had more stuff added (mostly pink colours and glitter). frozen again, melted again. and so on.

Last week she soaked an apple in the potion, which was to be a special poisoned apple. the apple would be good food for faeries, but would kill any evil goblins.55 potion making

When she's waiting for the potion to brew, there's always miniature tea parties:62 tea partyAren't they cute!?

63 tea party 


  1. love love love
    These are the moments in childhood that are were so special to me as a little girl. Potions and stews, sparkles and magical lands.

  2. such is the life of a free child:)


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