Saturday, 4 October 2008

Sparkle Garden

Littletree had her friend Annasho sleep over a few times this week, which has been lots of fun. The girls kept each other entertained for the most part, playing all kinds of fun games, mostly involving dress-ups and princesses.

In the evening, I went outside, only to see a beautiful sparkle garden twinkling in the starlight.68 sparkle garden

It's really hard to get the full effect on camera, but the entire front steps and lawn area were coated in sparkles. It turned out Littletree and Anasho had sprinkled out the whole glitter jar - a peanut butter jar that was full of all colours of glitter mixed together.

In the daylight the next morning I managed to take some better pics, but still, the full effect is lost.

The front steps:

70 sparkle gardenThe lawn:72 sparkle garden

Really, the entire front lawn is coated in glitter like this now. It's fantastically beautiful. Of course, I could have gotten angry with them for 'wasting' the glitter, but I reminded myself that the glitter was Littletree's to use as she wants, and it's not really wasted. The garden does look like a fairy glen, and the girls really enjoyed sprinkling it.

There's no way that glitter is going anywhere for a good long while. and of course, since we walk in and out all the time, the glitter is getting spread over the whole house!


  1. sorry if it sounds like pissing on the parade, but to me this reads like little bits of metal all over animals' stomping grounds. Not to worried about ants picking it but what about birds and other critters trying to peck at that? sounds harmful to me :(

  2. Sounds majikal. And sparkly. :)
    I'm not too sure what glitter is comprised of, so I can't really say as what the environmental affect would be. My assumption would be it would pass through the digestive system without least I hope so. I'm sure Littletree meant no harm.

  3. I think it's made of plastic. but i don't know. and in any case, it's not something i'm going to lose sleep over, since I don't see any way I could get it up out of the grass anyway. the front lawn area where the glitter is spread is about 2 metres square, so it's not a big area, and as it's where we walk in and out all the time, wildlife tends to avoid it. still, what's done is done, and i don't see any point in punishing littletree or getting angry about it. I'm choosing to see the bright side (or in this case, the sparkly side)

  4. This is an area I struggle with. Mantra: "it's their's, they can do what they want with it." I have a hard time with that... I want to save it, not waste it, and end up hoarding THEIR stuff.

    Thanks for a great lesson for me today!


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)