Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bye Bye Gili Air

Finally, we came to the end of our amazing time on Gili Air [nostalgic tear]. Time to say good bye to the little baby goats that were born on my birthday

44 newborn goats (599x800)

And good bye to the wonderful family we stayed with (oh, how I’ll miss the delicious Indonesian breakfasts and Lombok coffee made by the grandmother, Camaria; and seeing the grandfather wandering in the beautiful garden at dawn, caressing the dew from his plants, plucking weeds, bringing the cow in to “mow” the lawn)!

46 bye kombok (800x600)

We got ourselves all packed up and said goodbye to our island home, and got on the boat back to Bali. Back to the land of noisy cars and motorbikes, smog, smells, hassling street hawkers… And also mountains and rice terraces.

62 rice terrace lake view (800x600)

We went back to the sanctuary of the fancy hotel we’d stayed at the first couple of nights in Bali, and got our same room again – nice to have a little comfort and familiarity!

73 hotel room (800x600)

Littletree had to get one last fish spa

65 fish spa (600x800)

And we spent our last day doing a little last-minute souvenir shopping, and relaxing by the pool to get a last little kiss of sun before getting on the plane back to the winter.

70 ela by the pool (800x600)

Littletree is homesick for Gili Air already! She said she never wants to leave there…


  1. Woah, that post should have come with a "Impending Hawtness" warning. Look at you in that water *fans self*

    Littletree is not looking so little these days. What a beautiful woman she is growing into.

  2. lol I agree with Sazz :) And yes, littletree is not so little! :) Welcome back to the "real world"


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