Friday, 4 May 2012

Welcome to our Island Home

We finally made ready to get out of Bali, after two hectic days we were more than happy to be on a boat to somewhere tranquil!

AquaCat managed to get us a good deal on boat tickets direct to Gili Air, including transfers from our hotel. We were pretty lucky to get a good spot at the back of the boat and the sea was pretty calm – Littletree had a ball, watching out for dolphins and mermaids and seeing the little islands go by.

Littletree rockin out on the boat

We had a quick stop at Lombok

The quick view of Lombok from the dock

(photo by Littletree)

And then it was on to Gili! Bella and Anasho were there at the dock to meet us coming off the boat and walk us over to Villa Kompok - the bungalows they organised for us to stay in.

What a paradise! We’ve taken over a whole compound for the unschooling families; everyone gets their own little bungalow, each with it’s own cute balcony and flower garden.

The cute bungalows we're staying in

There’s also a kitchen we can use so we can cook (of course, we still eat a lot in the local restaurants, but believe it or not, fried rice and gado gado can get boring after a while!) and it’s all in a gorgeous enclosed garden with a view of the ocean.

The garden and compound at Villa Kompok

Naturally, we dumped our bags in the room and ran off to the beach to laze around and drink a cocktail in celebration of our arrival while the kids swam!

The kids swimming on the beach, view from our bamboo sala

People keep telling me homeschooling must be such hard work… I’m sure that’s gonna kick in any minute now!


  1. Lombok is great, thank you for the wonderful post:)


  2. Ela, Thanks for your blog posts; I always enjoy them so much :-)

  3. Thanks everyone :) I'd post more if we had better internet!


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