Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Epic Sandcastles

What can one do when one is living beachside on a small tropical island? Swim, swim, swim and swim! Well, asides from the snorkelling; collecting and studying the amazing coral;

49 coral (480x640)

And marine life;

50 sea urchin (480x640)

And aside from playing football on the beach; and learning about the life cycle of turtles; and running around with kids, and learning to speak Bahasa Indonesia; and getting our heads around exchange rates that are 1:9500… there’s always sandcastles EPIC SANDCASTLES!

88 epic sandcastle (469x640)

The kids got hard to work constructing the most elaborate architecture

61 sandcastles (640x480)

They devised ways of building bridges, and using driftwood and coral to reinforce construction

90 epic sandcastle (640x455)

Moats, tunnels, waterways, drainage systems… And the inevitable race against the tide

89 epic sandcastle (640x480)

(yeah, some of the “big kids” got in on the fun from time to time ;) )

I’m just continually impressed by the ingenuity of kids working in groups – it’s incredible to see how they solve problems and learn together.


  1. Looks like you're having a good time, great to see.

  2. it's pretty hard to resist the urge to dig in the sand :)

  3. The Island

    Whispered memories
    brought you
    across the shining seas.

    Now barefoot, tanned,
    in golden sand,
    you’re savoring the breeze.

    Building castles, leaving them,
    for the shimmered moon to find.
    Buried treasure everywhere,
    (let’s just leave a bit behind).

    We don’t live by rules here,
    (just keep each other off the reef).

    We follow no false gods here,
    just the sky, and sunned relief.

    Yin, yes but yang,
    ebb yes, but flow.
    Work yes, but rest,
    sleep, yes, then grow.

    Swimming in turquoise waters, diving deep into the sea,
    Cultivating quiet life, practicing serenity.

    Floating on crystal currents,
    Sugar ourselves with sand.
    Feeling every sunset,
    Walking alone or hand in hand.

    This is our sun-swept island,
    explore it, linger, play.
    Treasure every moment,
    Feel love, feel peace,
    then stay.


  4. Wow Pete Koning, did you write that? It's beautiful!


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)