Saturday, 19 May 2012

Snorkelling Trip

Bella organised a snorkelling trip for all the home schooling families – we got to go out in a glass-bottom boat!

16 snorkelling trip glass bottom boat (480x640)

We did delay the trip because a tropical storm moved in and the weather was rough for a few days, but the day we set out was so clear and calm, we even had a rare view of the usually cloud-shrouded volcano on Lombok

19 snorkelling trip view to Lombok (640x480)

And then as we came around to the other side of our little island, Gili Air, we got a clear view all the way to to the volcano on Bali, far in the distance!

31 view to Bali (640x479)

The glass-bottom boat was pretty cool – I didn’t manage to get good photos through it, but we were treated to a little window down into the underwater world, which was pretty special

25 snorkelling trip glass bottom boat (480x640)

The guide took us out to a place called The Coral Gardens, just off the north-west side of our island. Oh, it was AMAZING! I’ve never been snorkelling before, but even the others said this place was extra-special.

24 snorkelling trip (480x640)

Such an incredible array of tropical fish, huge ones of all the colours of the rainbow, glowing neon amidst the beautiful coral and anemones. Wow!

I even saw a manta ray, and we got to see turtles! It was absolutely incredible!


  1. Glass-bottom boats are so great, we had a submarine in Thailand (Phuket) it was a 2 man bubble - Th upper half is out of the water;-)


  2. Sounds awesome! I can't believe this was your first time snorkeling however!! You've lived on a boat! What a thrill to peek into the magic of the underwater world eh?

    1. I know! Now that I've done it, I can't believe I never did before!

  3. Replies
    1. No, it's more like a little window in the middle of the boat.we didn't step on the glass.


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