Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Beach Life

Ack! I’ve been trying to post this post for several days, but the internet on this island is verrrrry iffy! …

Most days we wake up early – the Muslim call-to-prayer starts up shortly before five in the morning, the roosters jump in shortly after and the sun starts rising around six.

The kids play with the kittens in the garden till breakfast is served; fruit and a choice between banana pancakes or egg and tomato toast. Then it’s off to the beach!

43 morning beach (800x583)

Our favourite spot to settle is a place called Zipp – a little beachside restaurant and bar with sun-lounges and bamboo salas set up just beyond the high-tide mark.

37 sala (800x600)

It’s nice and shady, and we can order cool drinks and snacks in between dips in the crystal clear water, and we have a clear view of the kids, who spend their days snorkelling and playing on the beach.

33 sala (800x594)

The snorkelling is especially amazing; loads of coral reef, and fantastic tropical fish and all sorts of marine life to explore!

34 snorkel (800x600)

Evenings we take a walk around the island – takes about an hour and a half at an ambling pace – so we can take in the sunset on the far side (and last night we even got back to our side of the island in time to catch the waxing-full moon rising over the ocean!

46 sunset walk (800x600)

And yes, it’s all very educational!


  1. Fantastic pix, thank you for sharing:-)


  2. Sounds lovely, hope that you all are enjoying yourself xo

  3. Well I sincerely wish for you and Little Tree don't repeat the Birthday Joy, and keep those heroes of the microworld - the Super Bugs - well away! Coconut water is very anti- everything! :)

    ps INA

    PS - SO SO Happy for you! Hooray! Happy! happy! Clapping hands :)

  4. Hello Love, I have a new phone and computer so no longer have your email :( Sorry I didn't contact you yesterday but I hope that you had a wonderful birthday. Love to you xo

  5. thanks everyone!

    Ansanity: Bility

    Lea: how could you forget my email: ?!?!?

  6. My goddess you just made me giggle!


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