Sunday, 3 June 2012

Home Again

Now we’re settled in back at home, and all unpacked and laundered and organised, Littletree is pining for our island home. We sit and look through the photos nostalgically, remembering how warm it was on the beach – especially now that we’ve landed into winter weather!

We miss the amazing Indonesian food, and Mamatia, who lived next door to us and made us local food from her own kitchen. We miss the beautiful beach, and watching the storms that would hit Lombok, just a kilometer away, while we were still in the sunshine, untouched.

38 dragon boat

We miss the geckos,

66 gekko

The awesome spiders

40 spider

Lying on the beach all day

76 sunbaking

Littletree misses like crazy the four kittens that were born at our homestay


The beautiful offerings and temples every day in Bali

66 morning offerings

67 morning offerings

And just hanging out with Littletree – I actually got my first ever proper Mothers’ Day presents!

12 mothers day spoons

Gili Air, we miss you! Hopefully, we’ll be back again next year – you know, because it’s educational!

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  1. Welcome back:-) Oh my God, the huge spider!!!!!



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