Sunday, 10 June 2012

Transit of Venus

Home school group this week met up with the Starry Night people (we’ve had group activities with them before) to watch the Transit of Venus.

Littletree was super-excited, we did a lot of reading about Venus and the transit when it passes between the Earth and the Sun.

When we arrived there was quite a crowd, lining up to take turns looking through high-power binoculars with special safety filters.

P1080651 (600x800)

Littletree was amazed when she got to have a look, and really see the tiny black dot passing in front of the sun

P1080653 (600x800)

They also had their big, fancy, computer-controlled telescope set up so people could view the sun on a screen.

P1080659 (600x800)

And little hand-held filters for safe viewing.

P1080664 (600x800)

Of course after they got a good look at Venus, the kids all ran off to climb trees.

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