Saturday, 23 June 2012


Homeschool group meets regularly at the local roller rink, but since I’ve never roller bladed and only ever roller skated twice when I was a kid and both times managed to injure myself. I always sit with the other parents on the sidelines, saying that I prefer to maintain the integrity of my limbs.

But I can ice skate… well, at a very limited level – I can keep myself upright and going around the rink without falling over, remember, we’ve been a bunch of times before (no one pay too close attention to my choice of attire, that I only now notice is due for an update).

So I decided it’s time to try it out, and I gave my very first attempt at roller-blading a burl.

I started out a bit wobbly – being used to ice skating it took a circuit to get out of the habit of trying to push off and brake with my toes, and LIttletree gave me some tips


I did at least manage to keep my balance, and after one circuit hugging the guard rail, I was off and whizzing around


I had an awesome time, and got to do a few rounds with Littletree as well. Heaps of other homeschooling families showed up this week, including several new families, so that was great to have more kids on the rink as well.


I can’t wait to go again!!! Maybe I’ll practice a bit and join the local roller derby league…



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  2. such a dashing figure you cut.......but.....fishnets?

  3. You need to learn to skate on quads to do roller derby..but yay for roller derby! Would love to see a post with you at a derby 'fresh meat' intake...

  4. And yes, I'm aware that roller derby is on old-fashioned roller skates... I'm building up to that.


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