Thursday, 15 September 2011

Altered Reality

Lady Demelza, being the artistic goddess that she is, makes Altered Books. Her current main project is an awesome 1960s Margaret Fulton cookbook that she’s transforming into a thing of beauty.


Some pages get removed, some get improved, new things are added in.


It’s really quite inspiring art, and being created by Lady Demelza, quite impressive


So impressive, in fact, that Littletree started working on a few pages with her



Littletree got so involved in it, the ever-gorgeous Lady Demelza decided to indulge in her passion for Op-Shopping and take Litteltree in search of her own vintage cookbook to alter. Didn’t take them long to find a Gretta Anna cookbook, circa 1987.


The two of them have been avidly working at their respective books, Littletree is quite enthused with her newest project!


I’ll post updates for sure!


  1. What an awesome idea! I have a lot of recipes that are lying loose in folders that I could add to my favourite books this way. There are often many pages in books that lie unused as we don't eat that food or like the particular recipe. I have just the book to alter too, a Jenny Craig book I picked up at an opshop. I made one recipe the other day and had to change a few things straight away. Who used processed cream cheese in food? Honestly! LOL Its been more giggling than cooking with that book so far, considering it is supposed to be a "healthy" diet book. It is a lovely hard cover book though and now I see potential, yes I do! Thanks lovely!

    Can't wait to see the New made over book from Littletree. :-)

  2. Awesome, Mrs K!
    Good luck with it :)

  3. This is excellent. It really pushes my 'never hurt a book' buttons, but at the same time opens such possibilities - thanks for the link to Wiki as well!


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