Monday, 11 July 2011

The Goddess of Op-Shopping

The ever-gorgeous Lady Demelza has become Littetree’s self-proclaimed personal shopper. Since Lady Demelza has an addiction to very much enjoys shopping at Op Shops (charity thrift stores), and has no daughters of her own, many awesome "oppie” finds that would otherwise have gone to waste on less-appreciative folk get bought up and sent to Littetree.

After all, what else are unofficial godmothers for?!

Littletree was super ecstatic to receive the latest care package in the mail – it’s always awesome to get stuff in the mail!

She eagerly opened up the package, to discover some cool books, a special silver necklace, and a fabulous assortment of really funky clothes.

Naturally, she then had to try them all on, and do about a million model-shoot poses.




Apparently these new outfits will be vital in the costume design for the video clip of the upcoming hit single Littletree plans on releasing soon, and perfect for filling all the space we just cleared out of her closet when we went through and gave away all the old clothes she’s grown out of.

Because really, everyone should have their own personal op-shop goddess. Just make sure you remember to honour her as a true deity deserves; with gifts of maroon brocade and creamy chocolate.


  1. Love your new clothes little tree.hope I can buy your single soon carnt wait. Stella said did you get the birthday card we made and posted you, stellas recording her album at end of this month she will post you one.

  2. thanks! Littletree got the card from stella when we got back on our trip; she's been working on writing a letter back :) (slowly)


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