Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Loren–Who Walked This Path

Last week one of my friends needed people to be in his new music video, so I went along to help out.

38 film clip shooting

I love this song, Loren used to come to the village life drawing classes  and play his music for us while we were drawing; it was awesome! So it was nice to come out and support him in making his art, and great to hang out with everyone down by the river :)

Check it out:

Who Walked this Path–Loren

Edited to add a link to Loren’s website: http://www.loren.com.au/loren.php


  1. Oh man I liked that song!!!!! It was great watching everyone just move to the music as well :) Does your friend Loren have music available online or in other places?

  2. Actually... love youtube! Found him!

  3. Love it!! And Loren....what a handsome creature to look at!! And the dancing, and the Grandmama, and babies!! Wonderful video!! Wish I would have been there, I would fit in just perfect!! Great music, would definately purchase!!

    Blessed Be!!

  4. That was lovely. I really liked your outfit by the way.


  5. It's official, you are a rockstar!

  6. thanks everyone!
    *blush* thanks michelle, my outfit was just what I happened to be wearing that day; actually what I wear most days is several layers of flowy greens.

    I'll have to ask Loren when his single is released and if he has a site up yet selling his music.

  7. Beautiful song and great video!

  8. He does! http://www.loren.com.au/loren.php

    Loren is one of my favourite peeps. I used his song "House n Home" as the background music to the photo montage of my son's birth. I was asked to make a montage for a water birth conference & Loren was happy to let me use his tune :D

    A Loren gig was our daughter's first gig when she was 3 weeks old. Son's first Loren gig was when he was 2 weeks.

  9. Wow.. how lovely! What a beautiful song & awesome video! You look great!

  10. That's cool :D He has a great voice! Love your dress, too :)

  11. Great song. Fun video. You're hot you green goddess, you.

  12. from one hot goddess to another ;)


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