Monday, 18 July 2011

Wet and Wild Winter

I know I recently complained about how impossibly freezing it was on Winter Solstice, but as the days have started getting longer, it’s just getting colder and colder. Brrrr!

So what do we do around here in the dark depths of winter when the days have been occasionally as cold as 18oC (65oF)?

We went to Wet’n’Wild Water Park. As you do!

DSC00004 (1)

(Photos on this post courtesy of Littetree’s cell phone)

It’s lovely to go on weekdays in winter – hardly any people brave the cold so there’s no queues at all to get on the slides!


Littletree and her friend Anasho spend hours racing up the stairs, sliding down


Apparently the water on the slides is heated, but still, little green faeries aren’t game enough to try.


They do have a whole lot of large whirlpool spas with hot water for those of us that don’t tolerate cold.


Now I’m just hanging out for spring!


  1. oh but 18 degrees is not cold! here it is 5 degrees and getting colder at nights! we snuggle up with hot water bottles and put the fire on often. excellent pictures! x

  2. Wow unusual for it to be quiet there in school holidays (or are the holidays over there?).

  3. actually we went before the hols started - it just took me this long to get the photos off the phone and onto the blog!

    and georgi - 5 degrees should be illegal!

  4. holy moly i'd freeze to death. anything under 75F and i'm bundled up!

  5. exactly! Why do people think I'm being sarcastic? When did I ever say I was using hyperbole? It's FREEZING! (admittedly, it was around 75F on the day we went to wet'n'wild)

  6. No way! Mr messyfish would tell you (with a cheeky grin) to "man up". Hahaha. That's what he told me when I complained of being cold when we camped in the van and it was -4 outside. I was breastfeeding most of the time so was 1/2 naked too! It's 2c at the moment here. I dream of tropical nights in airlie beach in oct! I want to go to that excellent waterslide park too! What a dream no crowds!

  7. Yeah; the unschooling conference will be totally awesome... Just not sure if we can go this year; it's pretty far to go.

  8. 18DegC is considered warm here. I couldn't live anywhere hot, I love winter.

  9. Well, I suppose someone has to live in the icy regions.

  10. We are in NSW, 18 degrees is a warm day. It's 11 degrees here at the moment, 5 degrees in the night. That is a Winter temp!! We'd be swimming too if it was 18 degrees~~!!

  11. I'd totally be swimming at 18 degrees. Admittedly we are in the middle of a heatwave of 90+ degrees but I love the 60 - 75 degree range. Favorite time to be outside.

  12. 18 degrees are warm here in Sweden where I live :D
    And i love your blog, your life seems so exciting. I really want to live like that with my son Love one day.


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