Sunday, 3 July 2011

Capoeira Class

A capoeira group has started up in our village, which is super awesome! All three of us have been going, well Purple is in San Francisco at the moment, so just Littletree and I went this week.

It’s loads of fun, and I’m so glad to be getting back into training; I’ve been badly out of practice, so it’s great to have a proper mestre again to teach me.

I first started playing capoeira just after Littletree was born – I wanted to get fit again after being pregnant, and living in Brazil, it was the thing to do! Only being an attached parent, I could rarely put Littletree down, and she really loved the movement of capoeira… so i would train with her in one hand! I got really good at one-handed movements.

So she has the rhythm in her body since birth and she picks it up really easily. I remember when she was two and we’d play together on the beach in Tel Aviv. She’s also out of practice, but really loving the class!

She even showed everyone up getting in the roda against the mestre



  1. Hei, so is it capoeira angola or regional? Anyway it's super awesome!

  2. Mostly Angola, but we do play a mix.

  3. Beleza!! Hehehe it was a nice little group we had. Vou sentir falta de voces...


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