Monday, 27 June 2011

Truly Blessed

I came down sick over the weekend; I got a nasty sore throat, totally lost my voice and felt like crap.

Thankfully, Purple was here to take care of me. He spent the day making sure I was warm enough, taking care of Littletree and making me loads of cups of ginger-lemon tea and soups.

Best soup ever – greens, broccoli, sweet potato all fresh from our own garden and home made organic chicken stock, with loads of garlic. He also made an amazingly delicious fermented spelt bread (actually, he made that for Ariad, who is gluten intolerant, but she couldn’t come over in the end so I had to eat it!). Mmmm spelt bread dipped in home made soup!


Actually, it was so tasty and nourishing I didn’t stop between mouthfuls to take a photo of the finished soup. But it did make me feel a lot better.

I am truly blessed to have someone so awesome in my life. Someone to share parenting with, and a house, and to look out for each other. Someone who really gets me and supports me exactly as I am (and puts up with all my crazy).


  1. :-) Beautiful post

    I am wishing you all better

  2. Thanks Louise, I am feeling much better :)

  3. Soup = soul food - especially when it's been made with love! Glad you're feeling better and happy that you are being loved :)

  4. So happy to know that you're feeling better and very blessed, indeed!

  5. soup is soul food indeed! and healing in many ways.

  6. yes i am very glad that you got soup, have a good bloke and are feeling better, but actually i just dropped in to piggy-back on your blog and share a cute kid story.
    today we were stopped at the traffic lights on a major highway through town. a mama was walking with across the pedestrian crossing with a little girl, maybe 3 years old, in a pusher. as they passed by the front of each car the little girl held up her arm defiantly, palm open toward it, giving the internationally recognised STOP! sign. her bearing and expression were amazing - she was as confident as any seasoned traffic cop, defending and asserting the space for herself and her mum. even my mister, who bends a little more to the 'should be seen and not heard' school of thought, was totally impressed and admiring of her attitude. (maybe the fact that she could communicate so powerfully without yelling was what impressed him.) i said, that's an empowered kid, and we smiled all the way home.

  7. beautiful story, Lady Demelza. Empowered kids are pretty awesome!


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